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Peyronies Disease


Peyronies disease can be helped with extracorporeal shock wave therapy or ESWT. The treatment can decrease curvature that often is a result of the condition. ESWT is furthermore very helpful in alleviating the discomfort that may be present in the erected state. Our treatment and recent research have achieved improvement in curvature for About half of sufferers treated.

This clinic provides ESWT treatment for Peyronies disease following referral from a Consultant Urologist. This may be from a Consultant Urologist working with us.


Francois de la Peyronie
Francois de la Peyronie,
the first to describe the
symptoms, in 1743.

You will receive three sessions on consecutive days, with an option for an additional fouth session. Each session lasts About 45 minutes with the treatment itself taking About 15 minutes. The first session includes an assessment, partly using diagnostic Ultrasound scanning equipment to accurately locate the plaque. This will also reveal exactly how big the plaque is, which can help determine the prognosis.


The course of treatment including scans, initial assessment and all treatment sessions costs GBP1150. Occasionally the condition and result of the diagnostic Ultrasound scan indicates that a fourth session would be useful. Should this be the case, this session is included in the price.

More About the condition

The reason for Peyronies is a change in the connective tissue located in the spongious tissue. These changes lead to a hardening of the tissue and a plaque may be formed. During erection, the spongious tissue is usually filled with blood causing the erection. The affected tissue, however, does not stretch during erection. It is therefore restricting swelling where the plaque located, leading to curvature discomfort.

Peyronies is probably one of the least talked About men's health problems. About 1% report it to GPs, while autopsys of men dying from natural causes indicate that up to 25% of men suffer from the condition.

Peyronies can mean that the penile shaft is at an angle (or bent) during erection. This means that intercourse can be painful for both partners or impossible and lead to great decrease in desire for intercourse. The condition itself, and the emotional stress related to the condition, can also lead to impotence.

You can read more About research into treating the condition using ESWT at the Peyronies Association Website.

Recently, ESWT has been used for treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). The treatment has been shown to have some effect on this symptom and been discussed in the press, eg the Daily Telegraph, where Sir Ian Botham describes his experiences. Other newspapers, including the Guardian and the Daily Mail have also discussed this treatment.

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