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Hip & Groin Physiotherapy


Hip and groin pain

Pain in the hip and groin area can be long lasting andprove difficult to treat. The pain can be from a structure in the groin itself or referred from e.g. the spine. The pain is often related to quick acceleration, sudden turning, powerful movements, large amplitude or large range of movements or velocity.

The sports that often cause hip or groin pain include disciplines such as soccer (football), hockey, karate, skating, hurdles, skiing, fencing and dancing.

The reason for pain is often a mix of overuse and trauma. This could be poor posture used as a starting base of a sprint this could overload the groin structures and on one sudden turn or twist, this could cause injury, leading to pain.

Thorough assessment is important for correct treatment, especially to ensure that the right area is treated. There is no reason to treat the groin area if the pain is really referred from the lower back!

Pathologies include:

Reasons for onset of hip and groin area pain includes: