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Physiotherapy In Chelsea


Physiotherapy Services

Some of the services offered by Physiotherapy In Chelsea include:


At Physiotherapy In Chelsea we treat a wide range of conditions, ranging from lower back, neck/shoulder problems, and limb pains to sports injuries.

Some problems will be related to long working hours and/or poor posture, while others will be due to sporting injuries. With many years experience in private Physiotherapy practice, we have treated a full complement of sports injuries for both amateur and professional athletes, as well as work-related conditions, for all age groups.

Specialist Equipment

We have advanced diagnostic and treatment equipment in the treatment room, including Ultrasound Scanning to help diagnose soft tissue injuries and aid specific muscle exercises, and Shock Wave Therapy for treatment of chronic tendon and ligament problems.


Through our network of Contacts we can refer patients to specialists should further assessment or intervention be needed.